"Model SA Actuator
with Auma Matic Motor Controls"

"Model SG.1 Actuator
with Auma Matic Motor Controls"

"Model SA Actuator
with AUMATIC Motor Controls"

"Model SG.1 Actuator with AUMATIC Motor Control
with AUMATIC Motor Controls"


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AUMA offers many variations of motor controls including both integral and remote motor control packages.

The AUMA Matic integral motor controls offer modern and economical actuator control technology. The AUMA Matic allows automated valves to be integrated into a wide variety of control systems.

  • Reversing starters, control voltage power supply and pilot devices (pushbuttons, indicating lights and selector switch) are standard components
  • Motor and control wiring is connected via plug and socket at both the gearcase portion of the actuator (AUMA NORM) and the field terminals
  • Flexible control system interface is provided by an assortment of interface boards:
    • Standard interface board accepts optically isolated 'open', 'stop' & 'close' inputs
    • Pulse timer board allows valve 'opening' and 'closing' time to be independently extended
    • Positioner board accepts analog signal (e.g. 4-20 mA)
    • DeviceNet digital communications board
    • PROFIBUS DP digital communications board
    • Modbus digital communications board
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The AUMATIC integral motor controls utilize microprocessor based technology. When AUMA model SA, SAR and SG actuators are furnished with the AUMATIC and the MWG control unit, they can operate as ‘non-intrusive’ actuators.

  • Reversing starters, control voltage power supply, pilot devices (pushbuttons, indicating lights and selector switch) and plug and socket electrical connections are standard components.
  • Control is achievable via contact closure, analog signal or digital communications.
  • When accepting an analog signal, the adaptive positioner automatically adjusts the actuator stopping point to obtain more accurate positioning.
  • Up to four intermediate positions can be programmed for indication or control.
  • PROFIBUS DP, MODBUS, DeviceNet, and Foundation Fieldbus interfaces are available.
  • Up to six programmable relays are available for a wide variety of indications.
  • Operational data logging and an electronic nameplate provide plant personnel with important actuator information.
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