Identifying Serial Numbers On AUMA USA Tags

Technical information (datasheets and drawings) can be obtained from the AUMA USA website , by entering the serial number, job number, or order number. However, the serial number is the best number for you to use to retrieve this infomation, as it is the number most specific to the unit in question.

Serial numbers for AUMA USA products can be found on metal tags attached to the units. Each component (actuator, gearbox, and motor control) has its own serial number.

Please note: AUMA motors also have their own tags, but the motor tags do not contain information useful for retrieving technical information about the actuators, gearboxes, or controls from our webpage. Please be sure you're getting your serial number from the actuator, gearbox, or motor control.

November 2012 and later tag:

Our current tags retain the serial number format from November 2011, but now show order number with datasheet number as "Com-No". (Com number is a term used internally at AUMA.)
November 2011 and later tag:

Between November 2011 and November 2012, our tags included the unit serial number (in a new format), and the job number used to manufacture the unit.

Pre-November 2011 tag:

Tags printed previous to November 2011 included the unit serial number and the original customer order number.

Location Of Tags On Common AUMA Products